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One of the extreme slides, is specially designed for guests to experience the rush of different sliding paths. Riders will first experience a steep drop and then are propelled uphill. They then experience another unforgettable path, with a reverse path taking them over a bump and ending into a splash pool. this slide is a combination of all thrilling elements and will surely become the attraction center of your park. you can use the slide either with single or double splash boats. this also enables you to choose between a pool or a run-out for the exit part. we gurantee that your guests ending in this slide start again sliding it very soon. Be prepared for the queues! 


Open/Closed Slide     

Platform Height: 4-13m               

Width: 1.0m                 

Power: 7.5kW                               

Vehicle: Body                         

Load: 1Rider                        

Raft Slide                    

Platform Height: 4-13m               

Width: 1.4m                   

Power: 11kW                                 

Vehicle: Raft                        

Load: 1Rider/2Riders

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  NEW Water Game   





สินค้าใหม่   ของเล่นน้ำ    NEW Water Game        NO:3. 1. 2.







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