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    Hong thai sports equipment Co.,Ltd A proprietary trading and research professional. The company is selling sports equipment. Types of businesses. Pre rowboat rafting Wind. Electric boats double pipe. Electric motor boat boat fishing boat fishing boats travel airline. Banana boat Boat need water ball, water ball spun on the wheel on water skiing equipment, bowling equipment and grass, and other products. We are one company equipped with recreational sports with the unit. In the production process has stringent in selecting materials is significant. And all stages of production standards through rigorous monitoring. To ensure product quality and maintain some credibility. And make products safer. Durable and beautiful. To meet the needs of both domestic and international customers. And good after-sales service.
   Pre wind in Category Sports and recreation equipment of all kinds. The main components of such a use high heat to a variety of materials and molecules together. The use of adhesives and advanced equipment imported from abroad to bridge that seam. We have experience in technical products exported to foreign countries. Have created new products that come out consistently well, have recognized global standard CE, is the product exported to Europe and the United States and other countries also.


  • วอเทอร์ซอฟบอล HT-WG064

  • Zorb ball ซอฟบอล Model:HT-GW028

  • เต้นท์ใสโรแมนติก HT-BL018

  • เรือกล้วย HT-BU140

  • เรือฉลาม HT-BNS600

  • Zorb ball ซอฟบอล Model:HT-GW026

  • เรือยางติดเครื่องยนต์ HT-RXK250

  • เรือยางล่องแก่ง

  • เรือกล้วย HT-BU120

  • Zorb ball ซอฟบอล Model:HT-GW036

  • วอเทอร์ซอฟบอล HT-WG061

  • Zorb ball ซอฟบอล Model:HT-ZB005T

  • Towing Tube Model:HT-GW026

  • เรือกล้วย HT-BU100

  • วอเทอร์ซอฟบอล HT-WG067


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