Rigid Inflatable boats
Rigid Inflatable boats The usage explains 
 The unpacking                        
When you unpacking the boat, take a good look and check if all parts did come with the boat(valves, wooden seat inflatable or inflatable thwart,foot-pump,oars,aluminium inside-joiners, side-joiners, repair-kit )
The valves are prepare-assembled you can leave them there permanently,because they do not damage the fabric,or the user of the boat,Loosen the front cap and place pump-hose to fill the boat.Inside the valves is a nipple,press and turn it and air will come out.The valve will close the same way too.Make sure that you use the foor-pump that is delivered with the boat.(Do not ever use high-pressure pump)
 To inflate                               
Start to inflate the boat. We advise you to do this with the foot-pump that is delivered with the boat.
Start inflating both tubes. Then inflate the nose , make sure that you inflate the tubes hard. Now close all the front caps of the valves, place the oars and your boat is ready to sail.
Attention: Make sure you never exert to much pressure on the airchambers when the boat is exposed to the sun, because air will increase with warmth which can cause overpressure.(1=Cause a changing of 0.004 bar pressure)When the temperature goes down ,the pressure goes down also.
 Self draining                           
All types are provided with a self-draining plug at the bottom of the transom. When you take out the black plug, the self-draining system, make sure that water can go out of the boat but will not come in through the draining  valve. So make sure you have pulled out the black plug when you are sailing or towing the boat. It is important to  regular clean the self-draining system from dirt.
 Using an outboard motor         
When you use an outboard-motor ,make sure you place it on the aluminum bracket at the transom and tightly screw the butterfly nuts of the outboard-motor. Fasten the outboard-motor to the aluminum bracket. Check after 15 minutes of sailing if the outboard-motor still firmly connected to the transom.
Important: Do not ever exceed the maximum recommended engine-power the is written on the back of the transom.
 Using oars                             
The Rigid Inflatable Boats are extremely suitable to row with. Be careful when there is strong wind or bad weather.
The Rigid Inflatable Boats have three towing-rings. When you are towing the boat, it is the best to use all 3 towing-rings,this way the tractive power is divided. It is also not allowed to have ballast in the boat when you are towing. Make sure that you use extra towing-ropes when you are towing during bad weather. The length of the towing-ropes must be adjusted to type of boat that you are towing and the weather circumstances.
 Loosing pressure                      
For an inflatable boat is standard designed that it may not loose more than 20% of the air in 24 hours. When this does happen, do the following:
Check if all valves are screwed tight.
Check if all valves are clean.
See if you can find any damaging.
Check the seams.
Put some soapsuds on the boat to discover small leaks.
Due temperature difference the pressure can increase or decrease.
 Water inside the Boat                 
1.        Check if the self draining-valve is O.K.
2.        Check if the self draining-valve is clean.
3.        See if you can find any damaging on the hull.
   How to repair                          
If you have found a leak, then clean the fabric around it. Cut out a piece of fabric with round edges, which is about 2.5cm bigger than the leak. Clean the area around the leak. Clean the area around the leak and the piece of fabric with thinner. Put on both parts two layers of the glue. Let the parts dry until the upper glue layer has dried a bit. Stick both pieces together and make sure that there are no air-bubbles between. Let the repair dry for 24 hours before you start using the boat again.
Important: Reaparing is only possible with a dry atmosphere and the air moistureness may not be higher than 60%.
Because the boats fabric is PVC it does not need maintenance. So you do not need to use talcum powder when the boat is folded together. Clean the boat with soap and the water. When you find persistent stains like oil and tar ,you can remove them with thinner. After you have used the thinner., always clean the boat with fresh water. It is important to clean the valves also. The transom, wooden seat and floorboards are made out of plywood and are treated with a waterproof paint. Every damaging of the paint must directly be scoured and painted to avoid water damaging to the wood. When you do not use the inflatable boat, we advise you to cover it with a boat-cover against sun and dirt.
   Stowing away                         
When you will not use the boat for a longer time and you stow it away in the carrying-bag, it is sensible to clean the boat with fresh water to remove sand and dirt let it dry. Take out the valves and empty the airchambers. Now fold the tubes to the inner side of the hull . You can tie a rope around the package to keep it firm. Put the boat with all the parts together in your store.
  Fire risk                                 
All materials of this inflatable boat are flammable. Take open fire away from the boat.
1.       Always take lifesaving-vests with you for all passengers, although it is legally obliged or not.
2.       Check the pressure and the condition of the boat before you start sailing.
3.       Pay attention to the weather circumstances for your safety and also for its influence on the fuel-consumption.
4.       Do not forget important papers like maps or a sailing license.
5.       Make sure you take spare-papers, repair-kits, first-aid-kit and a pump with you.
At last: Make sure you do not ever exceed the maximum recommended number of persons, load capacity and engine power. We wish you have lots of pleasure with your Rigid Inflatable Boats.
1.       We warranty each new and accessories attached .thereto (hereafter referred to as “product”) manufactured by us, to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
2.       This warranty shall become effective only upon receipt of a completed Owner warranty Registration card.
3         This warranty is as follows: 3 year guarantee on the base fabric and seams that the fabric of which the product is manufactured will maintain its original purpose under normal conditions during such period, including 1 year guarantee on workmanship that each unit of the product and auxiliary fittings has been manufactured with first class workmanship.
4         Since this warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship, it does not apply to normal worn fabric or wood finishes or to damage caused by:
1)      Neglect ,lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal operation, racing competition or commercial services.
2)      Use of an accessory or part not manufactured or sold by
5. This warranty will not apply to :Haul-out, launching, storage charges, telephone or rental charges of any
   type ,inconvenience ,or loss of time and income.
6.       Claims shall be made under this warranty by delivering the product for inspection to the selling dealer who will then either do the repairs or arrange for the inspection and repair , provided such service is covered under this warranty. Purchaser shall pay for all related transportation charges.If the service is not covered by this warranty, purchaser shall pay for all related labour and material and any other expenses associated with that service.Any product or parts shipped by purchaser for inspection or repair must be shipped with transportation charges prepaid.
7.       The Owner Registration Card is the only valid registration identification and must be file with at the time the warranty service is required.
8.       Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing a defective part or at our option replacing such part or part as shall be necessary to remedy and malfunction resulting workmanship as covered by this warranty. We reserve the right to improve of charge the from defects in material or workmanship as covered by this warranty .We reserve the right to improve of change the design of any product without assuming any obligation to modify and product previously manufactured.
9.       All incidental and or consequential damages are excluded from this warranty. Implied warranties are limited to the life of this warranty.
10.   This warranty gives you specific legal right ,and you may also have other legal rights which may vary from area to area.
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